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Force 7/24  -  Sales Force Automation

Todays business managers demand great software solutions to improve day to day mobile work force performance, accuracy and immediacy of response in order placement, tracking and delivery.

Force 7/24 includes innovative creation of orders, completion of dispatched orders, granular management of inventory, event logs, analysis and reporting of all sales activities, mileage, customer events , work logs and mobile receipt printing.  The heart of Force 7/24 is the web portal designed for desktop & notebook users. Using the web portal business managers and administrators can review, update and approve changes to customer records, products, inventory and sales orders uploaded by the Force 7/24 tablet edition workforce.

Force 7/24 Web Portal

With your mobile work force equipped with the tablet edition of Force 7/24 they can review their sales and contact history, plan meetings with customers, receive and transfer inventory, create sales orders, log opportunities, activities, mileage and daily work logs.  Force 7/24 tablet edition will synchronize with the Force 7/24 web portal on-demand when connectivity is available.  Force 7/24 tablet application can synchronize data using wifi, cellular data and even while tethered with a smartphone.  With a local database that contains all information needed the mobile workforce can work all day without the need for connectivity.  Working underground or in remote regions where there is no connectivity is no problem with Force 7/24 on Microsoft Windows powered tablet computers.

Force 7/24 Concept

Force 7/24 is complete sales solution that includes a large number of capabilities to assist with day to day sales activities.  Force 7/24 allows business administrators working in the office and sales representatives working on the road to be connected together in a virtual way.   Sharing information has never been easier!

Force 7/24 Functions

Many customers need to provide a sales receipt at the point of sale no matter where that is.  Force 7/24 tabet edition includes the ability to print both 3" and 4" sales receipts.  Stylusoft is a direct authorized reseller of the Printek brand of mobile printers.  Stylusoft choose Printek because their printers have the unique ability to store graphic content in the printers memory. Providing fast printing of graphically rich receipt content.

Force 7/24 Mobile Receipts

Force 7/24 is integrated with SAGE accounting products and many other brands of accounting & ERP.
For subscribing customers we includes our Office-2-Cloud bridge application at no extra charge.
The office-2-cloud bridge application connects your office applications to your Force 7/24 enabled mobile workforce.  Take note that the Force 7/24 office-2-cloud bridge works with most all current accounting, CRM and ERP solutions available on the market today.   Automated sales order processing has never been easier!

SAGE Accounting Integration

NOTE: Tablet hardware, printers  & communications plans are not included with our software subscriptions.  Sold separately Stylusoft will sell and maintain tablets and printers to subscribing customers only.  No data plans are available from Stylusoft.  Customers wishing to synchronize the tablet edition of Force 7/24 using cellular data will require the purchase of a separate communications plan where available from local cellular services providers.

Feature Overview

Everything's on board

With a local database built in and all the information needed to manage a day of selling there is no need for wireless connectivity. Sell anywhere anytime!

Sales order management

Designed to allow the completion of dispatched orders as well as provide the ability to create new orders while on the road. Create & complete orders in seconds!

Inventory management

Depending on what is being sold there are cases where real-time inventory management at the point of sale is required. Force 7/24 provides features to order, receive and transfer inventory.

Customer management

Tracking sales activities and opportunities has never been easier. With the mostly tap-n-go approach collecting data points takes just seconds using the touch screen interface.

Sales & Contact history

With just a few taps on the touch screen display it is possible to review detailed sales and contact history just-in-time before meeting with customers.

Activities & Opportunities

Using a tap-and-go approach the workforce can quickly capture detailed sales activities and opportunities quickly using defined options related to your business or product lines.

Mobile receipts

In cases where it is necessaryto leave a printed copy of the sale behind with the customer Force 7/24 has the ability to print both 3" and 4" receipts. Printing is enhanced with embedded graphics in the printers memory that can print on-demand improving print speed and look.

Staying in touch

The built in database provides a complete copy of customers, products, inventory, schedules, activites and more. However it is necessary to synchronize with the Force 7/24 host. This allows our office-2-cloud bridge to transfer data back to your business.

Office-2-Cloud integration

Included with our mobile workforce solution is our office-2-cloud application that connects the Force 7/24 synchronization host with your business. Whether it be ERP, Accounting or something else we can connect your mobile workforce with your existing back-office applications when needed.

Designed for Microsoft Windows OS based tablets

With the launch of new tablets running Microsoft Windows and at very affordable prices from various manufacturers businesses are now implementing mobile workforce solutions at an accelerated rate.