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Inspect 7/24 - Facility & Property Management

Unlike any other solution on the market Inspect 7/24 provides the features and functionality that puts property and facility managers in control of how they manage their assets, inspection & maintenance scheduling, and day-2-day issue tracking. The primary Inspect 7/24 web portal was designed for desktops & notebooks and provides a open-concept user interface that displays a number of data points in organized sections on the screen. 

Inspect 7/24 also includes a mobile web portal designed to provide real-time access to asset profiles, maintenance requests and inspection forms on virtually all mobile devices currently sold.

Inspect 7/24 includes features for creating portfolios, buildings, locations, assets, contacts, vendors, adding documents, dispatching, escalations, budgets, expense tracking, scheduling, reports and more

Inspect 7/24 uses a 4 level hierarchy to organize assets in the most effective way possible.

Hierarch Diagram

The Inspect 7/24 mobile portal works on all newer model mobile devices, desktops, and notebooks.

Mobile Devices

Inspect 7/24 includes support for rugged handhelds and tablet PC's running Microsoft Windows

Rugged Devices 

Inspect 7/24 includes optional environmental monitoring capabilities - smoke, temp, humidity, moisture, more!

Vutlan Facility Monitoring

Inspect 7/24 includes optional RFID "radio-frequency-identification" tracking features!

RFID Asset Tracking


Feature Overview

Open concept management interface

Designed for use on current wide-screen displays providing the user with an easy to read view of their facility & property asset information.

Organize & manage with detailed asset profiling

End-user configurable asset categorization allows for up to 50 optional parameters for each asset category defined.  Including the 5 default parameters that delivers a total 55 parameters for each category!

Define inspection & maintenance schedules

Schedule a single asset or schedule the assets for an entire building with the click of a mouse.  Technicians and contractors log in using smartphone or tablet to accept/complete maintenance & inspection requests.

Create the ultimate inspection forms

With every asset category defined it is possible to create a unique multi-point / multi-choice inspection form for it. Inspection forms are created using the form designer tool in the Inspect 7/24 desktop web portal. Perform inspections using the new forms with an internet connected smartphone or tablet.

Contacts - Images - Documents

Inspect 7/24 makes it easy to link assets with contacts images & documents. Need to know who to call for repairs? Need to send a photo for an estimate? Want to review the installation manual? 

Trouble Tickets & Escalation

Inspect 7/24 includes a feature rich trouble ticket management system. Create tickets and set priority and due dates and let Inspect 7/24 remind identified resources when issues are due or forgotten.

Automated Dispatch

Inspect 7/24 automatically sends alert messages to identified resources regarding issues and assigned work tasks. Security guards receive email / SMS messages when assets move without authorization. (requires optional RFID feature and req'd hardware). Building operations resources receive email / SMS messages when environmental monitor sensors detect critical changes. (requires optional EV feature)

Security Patrol

Inspect 7/24 includes a security guard patrol option. Enabled by barcode tags or RFID tags and the Inspect 7/24 rugged mobile handheld securty patrol application. Security guards scan a bar-code/RFID tag at each point during the routine patrol. Mobile application identifies current location and allows for the capture of observations by security guard. Mobile application may also be used to capture a photo of the issue at the current patrol point. Reports quickly identify missed points during the patrol.

Budget & Expense Tracking

Set yearly maintenance budgets and track expenses easily with Inspect 7/24.

Go Mobile!

Inspect 7/24 comes with a mobile web portal that provides real-time access to asset profiles, maintenance requests, and inspection forms. Technicians & contractors login with smartphone or tablet. Use same username / password for both the mobile web portal and desktop web portal.

Automated Environmental Monitoring!

Inspect 7/24 comes with an optional feature that provides real-time environmental monitoring. Monitor smoke, humidity, temperature, moisture, pressure, vibration and more.  If changes happen Inspect 7/24 generates a trouble ticket and sends email / sms messages alerting individuals identified for resolution.

Invisible Security and Tracking!

Inspect 7/24 comes with an optional feature that provides real-time movement tracking of assets. By attaching RFID "radio-frequency-identification" tags and installing the appropriate RFID readers it is possible to alert security when an asset begins to move throughout the facility.  Inspect 7/24 will automatically update the current location for the asset as it moves from department to department.