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Radio Frequency Identification - RFID

Powerful RFID tag read ranges are now available in the market which is driving RFID technology to be used in new places that are outside the traditional retail store and warehouse uses. Stylusoft's facility & property management solution, Inspect 7/24, now includes an optional RFID feature that enables automated security.   

Taking this college campus diagram below as our example you will notice that in various locations RFID antennas have been installed.  The antennas are connected via wire to an RFID reader.  The RFID reader will capture tag numbers as equipment & assets are moved throughout the buildings on campus.

When an asset is moved outside a building the RFID tag is captured by an outdoor antenna.  An optional security alert via email or text message is then sent to interested parties or campus security.  While an assets location is always being updated as it moves the asset may be profiled to enable or disable email / text alerting. 

RFID Concept


Asset Identification

Stylusoft's portable handheld RFID device application will read RFID tags and lookup the asset profile record stored locally in the handheld device memory.

Asset Location Tracking

Stylusoft's RFID application for stationary RFID readers monitor the movement of assets and continually update the location detail in the asset profile record.

Security Alerting

Stylusoft offers a feature that allows automated emails to be sent out when assets that should not be moved from their current location are moved.

RFID Technologies

Stylusoft can provide RFID hardware & tags for subscribing customers.