StylusoftMobile-2-Cloud Solutions

Optimum Card Loyalty Solution

Stylusoft was contracted (through our partner Bell Canada Enterprises) to replace the original optimum card management system at Shoppers Drug Mart with a state-of-the-art J2EE web-services based solution.

The new architecture is based on industry standard internet protocols and provides Shopper Drug Mart with a solution that makes it easy for various departments to integrate new and existing sales / marketing tools.

Price Verify - Marketing - Loyalty



Leveraging the great web-enabled platform already in place at Shoppers Drug Mart, Stylusoft developed a collection of J2EE web services along with a new database architecture instantly transforming the way the loyalty card system would capture new membership applications and integrate with new and existing business applications.

Mobile Membership Enabled

Shoppers Drug Mart uses the Motorola MC3090 series of rugged handheld devices to manage in-store inventory levels.  Stylusoft developed an application that would allow the MC3090 to also be used to capture new memberships and instantly send the membership application electronically over the Shoppers Drug Mart secured private network using the new J2EE services.

Rapid Membership Capture

Depending on the province where the new membership will be captured by the MC3090, the mobile membership application has the ability to scan the magnetic stripe on a drivers license and populate the membership application in seconds.