STYLUSOFTMobile-2-Cloud Solutions

The Stylusoft Formula For Success!

Over the last 25 years we have seen incredible enhancements to the software tools provided to companies that develop applications and solutions. Stylusoft developers are keen to learn these new tools as they become available to understand both positive and negitives benefits of the tools and their overall impact in the market.

Besides using great software development tools there a methodology we like to take to ensure the project stays on track.  The steps provide all stakeholders with clear understanding of what tasks need to be accomplished before taking the next step in the design or development of the application.

The "big picture" is a document we start with that is kind of like creating a map of a place you want to go.  On the map is a good idea of what we want to see when we arrive at our final destination.  Along the way to that destination are the people and resources required and a solid outline of the groups of tasks that will be accomplished over time on our way to "delivery".

The task and timeline document defines the initiatives that people and resources will "sign-up" to and be responsible for.  This is the document that will be updated regularly so delays are understood by all required parties involved as they happen and before other resources time is lost.

The pilot-trial / QA document provides the final set of tasks needed to ensure the product is free of issues and has the best possible chance for end-user acceptance on first use.

Some History

JQuery - HTML5

The latest edition to the programming marketplace, JQuery comes from the Java language and has fantastic capabilities for developing feature rich mobile applications for phones & tablets. Our mobile web portal for Inspect 7/24 was developed with it!

Microsoft .NET

Generally regarded as the most powerful development platform on the planet with support for multiple languages. Stylusoft relies on .NET for a number of it's applications including Force 7/24.

SQL - The language of databases

Stylusoft developers are experts in creating applications that work directly with SQL based database engines. Stylusoft developers have created hundreds of stored procedures and web-services that rely on SQL to read/write information.

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