Mobile Solutions

Integrated & Customized

Android Solutions

Our Android apps are custom developed in record time using state of the art development tools and technologies.

Microsoft Windows Solutions

WinCE and Windows tablet apps designed to work with the latest hardware and supports over-the-air setup & updates.

Real-time synchronization

Stylusoft develops web services that provide real-time communications between mobile devices, backend databases and 3rd party applications.

Off-line database storage

Our mobile applications include local database storage options that keep applications working when real-time communications is not available.

Barcodes & RFID Scanning

Reduce errors, improve efficiencies with barcode and RFID scanning.  Perform inventory receiving, shipping and cycle counts faster then ever before with RFID.

Location Tracking

We have integrated GPS tracking and mapping services into many applications.  Improve delivery accuracy and timelines with location aware applications.

Bluetooth Printing

Leverage blue tooth for printing labels, pallet tags, and reports.  Our design team can reproduce any report format and any size label as well as RFID labels. 

Integrated Photography

Seeing is believing, add photographs to order picking, truck loading, inspections, maintenance, accident reports and more.